Say goodbye to monthly retainers

Say goodbye to monthly retainers

Sick of all the monthly expenses for SEO? Then you're in luck.

You’re here becuase you know you need SEO but you can’t stomach (or afford) to pay monthly. We got you covered with our SEO Sprints. Start generating leads and sales in focused campaigns.

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You don’t need a monthly SEO retainer to generate leads and sales

That’s the good news. The not-so-good news? You still need SEO, but we can make it much more affordable and measurable for you
  • You don’t care about clicks, impressions and sessions (standard SEO metrics). You care about leads, inquiries, sales, bookings and viewings.
  • With our SEO Sprints you know before we start what you get for your money. We provide you with a Website Quality Audit, a Traffic Projection Analysis and a Content Analysis Report to show you exactly what traffic means in $$$
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Why choose SEO Sprints over
a traditional retainer?

We get it. Hiring an agency to generate leads sucks
if you don’t feel your’e getting your moneys worth
Traditional SEO
No Clear Objective
Endless Retainers
Clear Goals & Objectives
Clear Scope & Pricing
Fast Turnaround


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What Exactly is an SEO Sprint and How
Does it Work?


Website Quality Audit: Not Your Average Audit. Not Your Average Results.

This audit is the result of over a decade of SEO experience. We utilize a custom designed tool to evaluate your site quality by scrutinizing a variety of data components, such as incoming links, on-site content, structural design, organic traffic efficacy, keyword positioning, search engine results page (SERP) click-through rates, and additional factors. This tool gathers all website URLs and compares them with crucial SEO information sources, presenting the findings in a Google Sheets document. This data enables us to examine the “quality” of each webpage on your site, pinpointing the necessary SEO steps to enhance it. The customized report offers us the required metrics to initiate an SEO campaign.


Strategy Sprint

There are four main components to the Strategy Sprint: (1): Analysis of Google Analytics and Search Console: We’ll scrutinize your website data, identify technical issues, and ensure proper tracking for campaign reporting. (2) Competitor study: A deep dive into your competitors and SERP market share, decoding strategies of top performers. (3) Web Quality Assessment: Our exclusive evaluation uncovers technical obstacles, subpar content, and underachieving pages. (4) SEO strategy: A concise roadmap of insights for optimizing organic growth.


Content Sprint

For the Content Sprint, we also have four main components: (1) Keyword gap assessment: Our unique tool compares competitor keywords to yours, revealing website “gaps” for content creation. (2) Content brainstorming: We develop SEO-enriched “topics” from gap analysis keywords for your approval. (3) Content schedule: A comprehensive calendar with topics and essential data (keywords, competitors, links). (4) Content outlines: Concise insights to enhance organic growth, providing documents to boost rankings for targeted keywords and pages.


LinkBuilding Sprint

The final sprint is the LinkBuilding Sprint which is (1) Link profile examination: A thorough analysis to ensure no history of penalties or harmful links exists, while also studying competitors’ link-building strategies. (2) Link scouting: We search the web for relevant, authoritative websites suitable for link inclusion outreach. (3) Link engagement: Our team personally contacts each site, presenting a compelling reason to incorporate a link to your site. We manage all writing, outreach, and follow-ups. (4) Link procurement: Every acquired link is carefully monitored in your private client portal. We charge $350 per link, and you only pay for live links, nothing else.

What you always wanted
to know about SEO.

...but were too afraid to ask
What Is An SEO Sprint?

An SEO Sprint is a concentrated and targeted approach to enhancing each main element of search engine optimization in order to boost your SEO campaign. Rather than spending months on tasks like keyword research, an SEO Sprint aims to finish the work in a much shorter time, in some cases, in a matter of a couple of weeks. Our method generally includes four stages: A Website Quality Audit, a Strategy Sprint, a Content Sprint and a LinkBuilding Sprint. SEO Sprints are created to be flexible and easily adjustable, allowing for quicck changes based on the ever-evolving nature of Google, Bing and A.I. search algorithms. Sprints can be utilized on a one-off basis (i.e, just a Strategy Sprint) or on a cadence that works best for your business (i.e, 3-4 Sprints per year).

How do SEO Sprints differ from traditional SEO campaigns?

Traditional SEO campaigns usually involve targeting multiple keywords and goals simultaneously, while SEO Sprints focus on specific objectives and tasks, allowing for quicker results and more sometimes more precise strategies. You can think of Sprints as a packaged good. You pay upfront and you know what you are getting. There are drawbacks of course, although you can generate leads and sales from increased traffic with Sprints, the results won’t last forever, at some point when the algorithms at Google or Bing change (and they are always changing) you will need to update your strategy either via another Sprint or an ongoing monthly retainer.

What are the steps involved in an SEO Sprint?

An SEO Sprint consists of four steps: A Website Quality Audit, a Strategy Sprint, a Content Sprint and a LinkBuilding Sprint. These steps help your business adapt your marketing and sales strategies based on the outcomes of each sprint. The SEO Sprint System consists of three specific sprints listed above. The Strategy Sprint, which involves analyzing website data, studying competitors, assessing web quality, and creating an SEO roadmap for optimizing organic growth. The Content Sprint, which comprises keyword gap assessment, content brainstorming, scheduling, and outlining to boost organic growth and enhance SEO rankings. The LinkBuilding Sprint includes link profile examination, link scouting, engagement, and procurement to secure relevant, authoritative backlinks with transparent pricing.

What is the Traffic Projection Analysis?

It’s a comprehensive outlook on the possible expansion of your website’s organic traffic over the course of a year. The forecast or projection if you may, uses keywords to produce an analysis of your present traffic levels for each keyword. We then take your competitors keywords and create a second projection that considers the potential traffic you could gain from your competitors keywords and forecast what you traffic would look like.

This in-depth assessment allows you to better understand the growth prospects for your website’s organic traffic within a 12-month timeframe. By examining the keywords, the projection tool not only measures the traffic you’re currently receiving for each keyword but also the potential traffic you could capture from competing websites and seed keywords that are significant to your industry or niche.

How can SEO Sprints benefit my business?

One word: Flexibility. SEO Sprints may help your business see faster results, adapt your strategies based on the outcomes of each sprint, and save money by breaking down SEO tasks into manageable, focused efforts instead of monthly retainers.

If SEO Sprints are good, does that mean SEO Retainers are bad?

Not at all! I mean, we are not the most partial / unbiased people to ask since this is how we make our living. We offer SEO Sprints as an alternative to our core offering, which is still SEO Retainers. Both have their benefits and their drawbacks. Based on our initial discussion and website quality analysis, we’ll recommend what we think is right for your business and of course, you’re free to choose either one if you feel more strongly about one strategy over the other.

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The good,
the bad, and
the ugly

Find out why webology is second to none
  • No lock-in contracts
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  • No templates
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  • Minimum Monthly Contracts
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  • Set hours - pay extra for more
  • Mostly re-used templates
  • Traffic focused

* Yes, we know fine print sucks. We can’t guarantee results for everyone. Give us a call and we’ll see if you qualify.

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Looking for more leads & sales?

Looking for more leads & sales?

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“They were able to get us to page 1 on Google in a few months and keep us there. I highly recommend them to anyone looking to rank on Google and capture leads. The team is highly skilled and responsive”

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