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Bullshit? Hear us out. For most of you, you’re in business as a means to an end. You want your business to work for you so that you can do the things that you want to do, when you want to do them. Real wealth buys you time, not a fancy car. That’s why we’re in business too.

Your investment with us will provide you with a positive return.

We have a single goal. That is to provide you with so much value that you can’t believe you’re paying this little for so much. This means that no matter what your investment with us, your return is so great, your decision is an afterthought.

Your investment with us will provide you with a positive return.

We have a single goal. That is to provide you with so much value that you can’t believe you’re paying this little for so much. This means that no matter what your investment with us, your return is so great, your decision is an afterthought.

We’ve helped businesses from Dubai to get more leads and sales

We’ve worked for, started, bought and sold businesses for our entire careers. We know what works and we know what doesn’t. We’ve done the reps so you don’t have too.

You know your business. We know ours. Together we’re going to build you a sales machine that works for you 24/7.–

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Real Questions. Real Answers

Answers to the most common questions our actual clients ask us
1. I’m Worried About The Cost? How Do I Know I’m Not Getting Screwed?

We realize you’ll hate this answer, but … it depends.

At our digital agency, the cost of our services varies depending on a variety of factors, including the specific services being provided, the scope of the project, and the needs and goals of your business.

To make it simpler, think of your business as a car and us as your mechanics. You want your current car to run faster or more efficiently or to look better. That might mean new tires, a new paint job, adding a turbo-charger, building a custom spoiler or adding Apple Car Play. The mechanic may sit with you to discuss the options available to you based on the age, make, condition and model of your car and then build the price from there.

It’s not a perfect analogy, but it’s pretty damn close to how digital agencies work.

And just like mechanics, there are good ones and bad ones. Ones that lie, ones that are honest and everything in between.

We work with you to develop a customized marketing plan that aligns with your budget and marketing objectives. We do this by offering you a range of services, including search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, social media marketing, and content generation.

We can provide a quote for the specific services or a combination of all of the above based on your business goals and of course, budget.

We understand that cost is an important factor for businesses of all sizes, and we strive to provide competitive pricing for the value that we offer. If you’re interested in learning more about our services and pricing, we would be happy to discuss your specific needs and goals and provide you with a quote.

2. Can I Have A Say in Your Digital Marketing Plans For My Business?

Yes of course! At Webology we believe that communication is the main pillar for project success. If we are all on the same page, we will end up with a successful project.

We will work with you to understand your business goals and use these as our base in the decision making process every step of the way.

Before we do anything, we’ll sit down with you and discuss what your business objectives are and then help you design your customized marketing plan that fits within your budget.

We also provide you with regular updates as well as detailed (yet easy to read) reports that will keep you informed of the progress on your project or campaign. Providing you with these reports will help us (and you) measure our progress and incorporate your feedback so that you can continue to optimize our process to help you get the results that you wanted from us in the first place.

3: How Can I Trust You To Deliver Results?

We understand that trust is at the core of any business relationship but especially when you’re looking to start a new relationship and especially if you’ve previously worked with other agencies that have not delivered on their promises.

At Webology, our goal is to provide you with far more value than what you pay for. This is why for some (but not all) clients, we put our money where our mouth is and stand behind our results by offering you guaranteed results or your money back.

You might roll your eyes at the “some, but not all” comment but working with different people in different businesses in different industries means that no two projects or campaigns are the same.

Once we’ve done our homework, only then are we able to provide you with money-back guarantee on delivering results.

4: What Is Digital Marketing Anyways? Will It Work for My Business?

The short answer is, yes it will work. In fact the term ‘Digital Marketing’ is almost redundant with each passing year since, as of this writing almost 3/4 of all marketing is digital.

The question to ask is not “will it work for my business”, it’s “will this strategy be effective”. Pretty much the only reason any marketing campaign or project fails is not because ‘digital marketing’ didn’t work, it’s either because the strategy did not work or the agency implementing the strategy was not competent (or interested) enough to make it work.

We’re not here to convince you about the merits of digital vs regular (physical) marketing. The results are clear enough. If you are still at that stage in your analysis then we might not be the right fit for you.

However, if you’re already on-board the progress-train, then contact us and we’ll provide you with a discovery consultation session to explore options that may work for your business.

5: I Want Sales Now! How Long Will This All Take Until I Generate Sales?

Yeah so do we!

However, as someone much smarter than us once said: “there are no secrets in life, just hard work”.

What this means is, there is no magic bullet, no lottery ticket, no ‘fast-track’, to using digital marketing to grow your sales. Just a lot of hard work, experiments, iterations, improvements and continuous optimization to get visitors to your business and convince them your product or service will provide them with more value than what you are selling it for.

If you put a gun to our head (please don’t) and forced us to provide you with a timeline, we’d (very nervously) provide you with some rough estimates for each channel:

SEO: Anywhere from six to eighteen months

PPC: Anywhere from 24 hours to 4 weeks

The range is wide because of the many factors we’re including to cover everyone who might be reading these words. Including the size and nature of your business, the competitiveness of your industry and the effectiveness of the marketing campaign we create.

Both of those strategies also include a lot of work on your site itself, so add a few weeks, up to a few months (depending on the size of your site) for our ‘Persuasion Rate Optimization’ templates to work. SEO and PPC can only work if your business is ready to convert visitors to customers.

6: What Kind of Websites Do You Build?

We only build custom websites. Although we admit we could make a much better margin on using templates, it’s just not something we do.

A custom site is, and will always be more expensive than using an existing template, however the flexibility a custom site gives you is far superior. You can check out our long rant on why a custom site is better than a site built from a template.

That being said, we build sites for almost any industry, but we are not a jack-of-all trades. For every site we build, no matter the industry, we incorporate our 100+ Persuasion Rate Optimization checklist.

Although this might sound odd and cost us customers, our checklist is not negotiable. We get paid to deliver you results. We can’t deliver those results if we are unable to implement our decades of experience on using what works. We build websites to generate sales. Period.

In terms of technology, we are WordPress specialists. We do work with other CMS platforms (such as Shopify, etc.), however where possible we would rather work with what we know best. You can read more on why we love WordPress so much here.

7: What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

In a nutshell, SEO is the cheapest and most effective way to have your business show up in search results when people search for things related to your product or service.

Since search engines use algorithms (kind of like a recipe for solving a problem, a set of steps that helps solve a problem or accomplish a task) this means, maybe unfortunately so, that people can ‘game’ this algorithm and perform certain actions on their websites that drives visitors to the site by making the site appear higher up on the rankings regardless if the site is actually relevant or not to what you are searching for.

This can be frustrating for visitors who want to find the solution to their problem and for business owners who have a solution, but can’t ‘game’ or ‘optimize’ their site enough to have their site appear before their competitors and pretender / spam-like websites.

This means that we have to work hard (really hard) to get your site to the top of the search results to increase the chances of someone clicking on it.

A few ways that we do this is by creating useful, helpful and relevant content on your website and use ‘keywords’ to tag this content so that search engines can pickup on this and then start ranking your site.

Of course there is a lot more work (technical SEO, link building, site speed optimization, site-map management … etc) that goes into SEO, but that is beyond ths cope of this littler FAQ. You can read more here about everything you wanted to know (and probably a lot you don’t want to know) about SEO.

Suffice it to say, by using SEO, your business can get more people to visit your website and learn about your products or services and this can help you get more customers and make more money.

8: Can A New Website Actually Help My Business?

Yes, a brand-spanking new website, when compared to the one you probably have, will actually help your business generate more sales.

You see, a website is not what it used to be when you last built or revamped your site.

Websites are no longer glorified billboards. They are an extension of your business and they are a tool to persuade people to take an action once they are on the site.

A new website is not an expense, it’s an investment and it should generate a positive ROI for you, otherwise it’s almost not worth even having one at all.

You can read more here about our views on why you need a new website.

9: Do You Really “Guarantee” Success? What’s The Catch?

Yes, we really do guarantee our results and yes, there is a big-fat catch.

The catch is that we can only offer you a money-back guarantee depending on our analysis of the size and nature of your business, the competitiveness of your industry and the effectiveness of the marketing campaign you’ve already been implementing (or not implementing)

In some cases, after our analysis (or audit) we may guarantee results or your money back. Or we might not even charge you until we generate results. We may also extend and offer for you to only pay us on a per lead basis.

There are many guarantees we can and do make. But there is no one-size fits all. When you come across guarantees like that, it means one of teo things. Either the person or company making that guarantee is lying, or they’re not that bright. So be wary of blanket guarantees.

If you want to learn more about how our guarantees work or more on how to spot a good guarantee vs. a bad one, read more here.

So while we can’t guarantee specific results right here, one guarantee we can make upfront is that we will always do our best to deliver measurable results for you to succeed through our digital marketing efforts.

10: Can Small Businesses Benefit from Digital Marketing?

We specialize in digital marketing for small businesses. The definition of a ‘small business’ is wide, but we know one when we see it and yes, your small business (or however you might label it) can benefit from digital marketing.

In fact, we argue that digital marketing might be the only effective way for small businesses such as yours to not just compete with larger competitors, but to also make a large return on investment. How?

Specific Targets. With digital marketing, you don’t ‘spray and pray’ as you would with a billboard, newspaper or TV. You target your specific customer and make sure all your efforts are going toward reaching this specific customer. This makes it cheaper and more effective.

Measurable Results. There is no guessing. With each campaign comes data and by reading the data we can tell if what we are doing is working or not. We can then filter what tactics work and adjust.

Long-Term. Your website is always on, 24/7. Our SEO campaigns operate each and every day and the content we create for you never goes away. All of this is cumulative. After the initial investment, the only other input is time and as time goes by, these inputs compound and snowball into results.

Yes, we’re biased. But how could we not be? The results speak for themselves as you can see from our client case studies.

11: What Are Google Ads (Commonly Referred to as PPC)?

Although you might skip the ads (as do 94% of all people on Google do) and even though 96% of people ‘distrust ads’ in general, if you do Google Ads right, you will generate sales and a positive ROI on the Ad spend.

Google Ads are a fast and effective way to generate sales through paid ads. They are essentially the first few results you see on Google when you search for something, only there is a small “Ad” tag next to the result.

The problem with Google Ads is most people don’t know how to use the platform or hire agencies that are not better than they are.

Like SEO, Google Ads is also ‘gamed’. You need to know what you are doing otherwise you can waste a lot of money and time.

Suffice it to say, if you do no other research on PPC other than reading this FAQ and if you still insist on doing it yourself, the best advice we cn give you is to (1) don’t sell your product or service in the Ad, sell the ad itself and (2) never send traffic from an Ad to your homepage. You can thank us later.

To find out more about why Google Ads work and why you should used them in combination with SEO and your overall marketing strategy, read more here.

12: How Long Does It Take For SEO To Work?

Didn’t we answer this already in the question: “How Long Will This All Take Until I Generate Sales?”

Well, if you weren’t able to read our response, here we go again.

Our SEO efforts will take anywhere from six to eighteen months to work. We’ve worked with businesses who have started generating results in as little as 6 weeks and we’ve also worked with clients who only started to see results after 8 months.

The wide range is due to several factors. First, each business and/or client has a different definition for ‘results’. Your goal might simply be ‘more traffic’ to your site and for others it might be inquiries for services. Other clients see results as sales generated from organic traffic.

On top of how you wish to define your results, we must also factor in the size and nature of your business, the competitiveness of your industry and the effectiveness of the marketing campaign we create.

Finally, and probably most importantly the ‘how long does it take to work’ question is also contingent on your actual website. Is it built to convert visitors into paying customers? It it optimized for generating inquiries or selling products and services? As the saying goes, you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.

If we build your site for you using our Persuasion Optimization process, then we can say with a higher degree of confidence that you will have a digital business that converts visitors into customers. If you insist on hiring us just for SEO and don’t want us to touch your site, then we can only help you with traffic and you’ll have to handle the ‘last mile’ to convert those visitors into customers.

13: Does Anyone Actually Click on Google Ads?

So if you saw the answer to Question 11 “What Are Google Ads?” you’d assume since 94% of people skip the Ads, that leaves only 6% of all traffic that click on Ads and that sucks right?

Not really. 6% of hundreds, but more likely thousands and even tens of thousands of search queries is a lot of clicks. This technically means that yes, people do click on Ads. However that does not mean 6% of all traffic will click on your Ad. It’s more likely around 2% or less of all people that see your Ad will actually click on it.

Your next question may be “Well, do Google Ads work?”. The answer again is yes. If your Ads Campaign is set up properly (i.e, by pro’s like Webology) then you will get traffic to your site, we can just about guarantee it (once we set it up and test and then run it).

Google Ads is a great way to get a surge in visitors to your site. If your site is optimized to persuade visitors to convert into customers, then you will be off to the races.

One thing to remember is that once a PPC campaign ends, the traffic will also end unless you have a good SEO strategy in place. As the name suggests, with Google Ads, you ‘Pay Per Click’ and once you stop paying for clicks, the clicks through to your website will end.

14: Can You Create Content For My Website?

Yes we can create content. Specifically we specialize in creating SEO optimized blog posts.

Why only blog posts? We’ve found they are the best bang-for-your-buck investment in terms of traffic generating content that you can invest in today. Visitors prefer learning about your products and services through blog posts far more than through your website. No one likes being ‘sold to’ but unfortunately we all have to sell something to make a living.

A blog post is truly the best of both worlds. It’s friendly, non-sales-type of content that educates
visitors on a topic that you (should) be an expert in. 70% of people would rather read a blog post than an ad. Not only do blogs increase traffic to your site by more than 434% but sites that have blogs give you almost 70% more leads than sites without blogs. This is because more people (almost 3/4 of people surveyed) would rather read a blog post than an ad.

When you hire us to create content for your business, we start with a deep-dive into high value, low competition topics within your industry / field that people are searching for. Specifically we look for topics that don’t have a great answer yet. We then use our in-house screening tool to rank these topics based on the likelihood of having them rank in search engines, if they should be a ‘Staple Post’ or ‘Response Post’ and the potential for the post to bring in traffic.

We then write the posts for you and ensure they are SEO-optimized with relevant keywords. All you need to do is edit for context and your in-house expertise.

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Looking for more leads & sales?

Looking for more leads & sales?

We are the last Digital Agency
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© Copyright - Webology 2023